Pass the Puzzle – Challenge

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you’ve probably noticed I enjoy jigsaw puzzles a lot. I always have one set up at home. I don’t rush to complete them, they’re there purely for my enjoyment and therefore I go at my own pace. Slowly, but surely.

Puzzling for me is a form of meditation or therapy. It helps me unwind, calm down. I usually sit, put on a podcast, audiobook or series on TV (one of those you don’t have to really pay that much attention to) and enjoy my time with my puzzle.

Ravensburger 2000 piece Disney Jigsaw Puzzle

I remember that as a child I used to enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles with my mom. I’m sure that’s where my love and appreciation for this pastime stems from. The moment I sat down and began my first jigsaw after so many years of leaving this activity behind, I felt a surge of joy that made me question myself, “Why had I ever stopped doing this?” And, “Why had it never occurred to me to start puzzling again?” It was a moment of extreme clarity where I quickly realized this was something that was missing in my life and I thanked my curiosity for leading me here.

Now that I rediscovered this lost hobby, whenever I finished working on a puzzle, I would admire it for a bit and break off all the pieces to put it back into its box. Pretty soon the boxes started stacking up in a closet corner. I quickly realized I would not be working on them again any time soon. The stack would most probably continue growing taking up more space.

That’s when I thought, “I’m sure there must be other people who also enjoy jigsaw puzzles but hesitate to buy one because they’re not sure what to do with them afterwards.”

That’s when “Pass the Puzzle” got started. A challenge designed for you, for those who love doing jigsaw puzzles, for those who want to find a new hobby, for those who want to spend time away from their phone… and for those, who like me, also want to share something that brightens their day and brings joy to their lives.

How does it work?

  1. Follow me on Instagram (you’ll find me as @thefeelgoodfixproject).
  2. Whenever you see a post titled “Pass the Puzzle” leave a comment to participate.
  3. A winner will be selected to recieve the jigsaw puzzle.
  4. If you’re selected: get your puzzle, treat it with care, enjoy it, and complete it.
  5. Once you’re done, take a photo of the finished result and share it on your social media.
  6. Offer the puzzle to anyone who wishes to enjoy it next. Remember to tag @thefeelgoodfixproject (I can help you promote it if you wish. Plus, I love seeing where the puzzles have been traveling to).
  7. Send the puzzle off to one of the people that commented on your photo so that they may enjoy it as well! (Don’t forget to sign the inside of the puzzle box and include the instructions so that they too may Pass The Puzzle!).

Frequently Asked Questions

May I participate if I’m in another city?

Of course! This challenge was thought precisely with that in mind. The puzzle is meant to travel the world and come meet you.

I have a puzzle I ‘ve already completed and would like to use it to “Pass the Puzzle”, may I?

Yes! Let me know through Instagram you already have a puzzle you want to join up with and I’ll send you everything you need to start a “Pass the Puzzle” chain.

I don’t have an Instagram account, can I still join in?

Sure! Remember Pass the Puzzle’s main objective is to share joy in the form of puzzles. Follow the instructions and keep passing the puzzle along. If you can, send a photo my way so that  we may celebrate the puzzle’s journey and let people know where it’s traveling to! (Use the Contact form in this blog to send me a note… I’ll take it from there!)

I don’t want to use my Instagram account, could you help me find the next person?

Of course! Once you’ve finished the puzzle you’re working on, send me photos of your finished result, we’ll share them on @thefeelgoodfixproject account and find the next lucky person. (Or, you can contact me through here and I’ll let you know the next steps.)

The next person in line is too far away, what do I do?

Contact me! Don’t let this be an impediment for the puzzle to keep moving forward. I’ll help you out!

I’m taking too long to finish the one I’m working on. What do I do?

Don’t worry about it! Remember, Pass the Puzzle was made for you to enjoy. There’s no rush. But, if for some reason you decide you don’t want to complete the puzzle, that’s ok. Pass it on to someone else and let them continue with the Pass the Puzzle challenge.

Always remember Pass the Puzzle began as a way to share a pastime that has brought me hours of relaxation and enjoyment. Any questions you might have, feel free to let me know.

Take care of each puzzle that passes through your hands so that they may continue to travel onto others and bring joy to many.

Thank you for being part of this passion project!

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