5 Things To Do At Home Besides Reading and Watching TV

We’re living in a time where we’ve been asked to slow down, practice social distancing, limit our contact with the outside world… Everyone practicing this is doing their part to slow down the spread of the virus; everyone’s doing their part for humanity and thinking not only about their own health but that of their … Continue reading 5 Things To Do At Home Besides Reading and Watching TV

Pass the Puzzle – Challenge

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you’ve probably noticed I enjoy jigsaw puzzles a lot. I always have one set up at home. I don’t rush to complete them, they're there purely for my enjoyment and therefore I go at my own pace. Slowly, but surely. Puzzling for me is a form … Continue reading Pass the Puzzle – Challenge

October Challenge

I started October with a plan: I would watch as many scary movies as I could before Halloween. From the beginning, I knew it wasn’t realistic for me to watch 31 (one a day), but I thought I could manage 15-20 scary movies easily. I asked among my friends if they knew of any good … Continue reading October Challenge

A break…

I love exercising. I love sweating and feeling like your taking your body to the limit, where you can't give anymore. But, I'm sometimes not that consistent. I push myself too hard, exercising almost every day, until I take a break and, without me realizing it, that break becomes longer than I wish it had. … Continue reading A break…