5 Things To Do At Home Besides Reading and Watching TV

We’re living in a time where we’ve been asked to slow down, practice social distancing, limit our contact with the outside world… Everyone practicing this is doing their part to slow down the spread of the virus; everyone’s doing their part for humanity and thinking not only about their own health but that of their neighbor, friend, or family member.

You might find yourself wondering, but what will I do all day? How can I keep myself sane and avoid cabin fever? Well, I think this time could be looked at as an opportunity for us to make some time for ourselves, check off that to do list and come back stronger.

Here’s a list of some activities you could consider doing now that there’s time on your hands and life isn’t getting in the way. We’ve got time to spare and lots of things to do!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

“Self-Care”: Pamper yourself! Do your nails, take a long bath while burning your favorite scented candle, put on some face masks, read a book or meditate with your favorite essential oils burning in the diffusor. A moment of relaxation never hurt anyone!

Do Some Spring Cleaning: With an organized and clean surrounding, we feel calmer and less anxious. Help your mood and inner peace by making sure the condition your house is in is not making you feel worse. Take some time to clean out your closet, your workspace, and your kitchen drawers… maybe even the pantry. Take advantage that everyone’s at home and divide the tasks. Together you can clean or organize any common areas and decide on what to keep and what to send out. Once you’re finished, you’ll feel lighter and more energized. And, who knows, you might even bump into a forgotten treasure or two.

Family Board Games

Board Games and Puzzles: Of course I couldn’t leave jigsaw puzzles out. I usually work on them while watching a series or listening to a podcast (you’ll find some recommendations here and here) But, if puzzling isn’t your jam, you could also play some board games with your spouse or your kids. I remember playing board games with my parents when I was younger I would always get so excited when it was Monopoly time!

Play Games With Friends: Don’t lose yourself on your phone all day and no interaction with others. Instead, download games you can play with your friends as well! Remember Yahoo! Games? Those were the times! Logging in at home, finding your friends online, and challenging them to a game… Now, there’s apps like Words with Friends and Draw Something!.

Design Home App

And, although this is not a turn-taking game, I enjoy playing Design Home with a group of friends. Every day we each log in and work on the Daily Challenge. We then share our designs with each other in a group chat. It’s great seeing how each of us worked with the space in a different way. We’ve been playing this for more than two years!

Learn A New Skill: There are so many online tutorials to learn anything you could think of. Youtube is an excellent source to find videos on whatever subject that might interest you. Try looking for tutorials on: doing your own makeup, calligraphy skills, drawing, playing an instrument, cooking, healthy lifestyles, meditation… The world of online learning is endless. Go take a look; I’m sure there’s something right up your alley!

In moments like these we must do everything in our power to keep calm and fill ourselves with positive energy. Do what you can with what you have. Make the best out of the situation.

So, what are you planning on doing with your time? What activities have you left for a “rainy day”?

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