PODCASTS: Pick Me Up List

I’ve come to realize that I feel more motivated whenever I have an objective in mind, a project a want to finish, or a goal I want to achieve. It could be aything from a new business idea, to something as simple as trying to find the perfect floorlamp for my living room. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated, I simply enjoy the process of searching for a solution, researching different options, evaluating my choices…

But, sometimes I find myself in a slump, anxious to get myself back in the groove. Whenever I feel this way, I turn to podcasts that offer me a bit of inspiration.

December 2014 was the date my sister introduced me to the podcasting world. A world full of knowledge on a variety topics, intriguing stories, controversial issues, and insightful debates. I love this world. I love that I can listen to podcasts while I’m driving, working on a jigsaw puzzle, cleaning or organizing my home. Everytime I listen to them, I feel like I’m making the most of my time. I feel like I’m constantly learning.

I listen to a variety of podcasts and am constantly discovering new ones. I intend to share many more with you but, for now, I wish to focus on the ones I consider the most uplifitng, the ones I turn to when I need a little boost and inspiration.

In no particular order, here are those podcasts:

Oprah Super Soul Conversations – A weekly podcast where Oprah lends the stage to experts in their field, bestselling authors, mentors, spiritual leaders… In a format that is more similar to a Ted Talk rather than an interview, Oprah’s mix of speakers is superior to that in any other forum. With guests like: Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Brené Brown, and others, this podcast is full of insight and wisdom. I am sure you won’t regret taking making the time for this one.

Gretchen Rubin Happier – I’m a huge Gretchen Rubin fan. I love her books, her philosphy on life and everything she shares. In this podcast, Gretchen shares practical tips on how to feel better about our lives. She focuses on small changes that have a positive impact and allow us to enjoy our lives a lot more. I especially enjoy how she offers different solutions to the same problem being aware that not everyone responds to the same life changes. She is my happiness guru, I will always recommend anything she does.

Before Breakfast with Laura Vanderkam– A mini 5-minute podcast on productivity and time management. Laura focuses on one issue per episode and shares practical solutions that help us lead a less hectic life with more balance. Her tips alow us to be more prductive and in control of our lives. This is the perfect podcast to listen to while you’re making your morning cup of coffee or deciding on the day’s outfit.

Pop Culture Happy Hour – If you love knowing everything about upcoming movies or series you should be watching, this podcast is for you. This one is one of my favorites for different reason: 1. It does what it promises: keeps me informed on all the new or relevant movies and tv series, 2. The format is a round-table type discussion, a topic is presented and every one goes around and states their opinion. There are very few interruptions which keeps the episodes running smoothly and the conversation on track. 3. Whenever they express their opinion, they always justify it with a reason or expanation. “I didn’t like it” is not acceptable. 4. At the end of the episode, there’s a segment in the podcast called “What’s Making Us Happy”. Everyone goes around and shares something they enjoyed in the week, it could be anything ranging from a video game they’re playing, album they’re listening to, book they’re reading, or any family activity they recently did. I love this podcast, It always leaves me feeling like a want to know more about something they shared.

I found it difficult to categorize podcasts into different “topics” but, since I have so many I listen to and wish to share with you, I thought this might be the best way to do it: share them in small doses and let them be enjoyed.

I hope you find in these topics that interest you and you enjoy. And, even better, I hope these lead you to even more interesting podcasts that add entertainment, knowledge or inspiration to your life. Stay tuned for more lists like this.

But, before we leave, what do you do to get inspired?

P.S. I would love to hear any recommendations of podcasts you enjoy listening to.

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