September, the other January.

In the beginning of 2019 I decided to follow Gretchen Rubin’s lead and created a “19 for 2019” list. It was an idea she talked about in her podcast and I found it motivating to try out. It’s similar to establishing New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s intended for you to set clear goals, sort of like a list of mini projects, tasks, or objectives. It should be made up of less ambiguous goals than resolutions usually are.

A few weeks ago I revisted the list to see how I was doing. I must admit, it doesn’t look so good.

Here’s my 19 for 2019 and the percentage I have completed.

  1. Make photo albums. (0%)
  2. Take more photos (think less “do it for the gram” and more “do it for the memory”) (20%)
  3. Learn 1 new recipe a month. (0%)
  4. Read finance books. (0%)
  5. Read 5 books. (40%)
  6. Prepare a budget and track expenses. (50%)
  7. Start a side business. (70%)
  8. Buy Christmas presents in November. (0%)
  9. Hang art on walls. (0%)
  10. Organize important house documents. (0%)
  11. Do something with old computers. (0%)
  12. Clean out old CDs. (10%)
  13. Decide what to do with old DVDs. (0%)
  14. Minimize wardrobe. (90%)
  15. Sell wedding dress. (Or store properly.) (0%)
  16. Buy black winter coat. (0%)
  17. Stop skipping breakfast. (90%)
  18. Run 10k. (0%)
  19. Practice penmanship. (10%)

Total Progress: About 40%.

Although one might think I would feel defeated with this progress taking into consideration we are already in the second semester and just a few months away from the end of the year, I don’t feel that at all. I have instead decided to focus on the progress I have made and the time that I still have to check off some of those things on my list.

I do have to give credit to myself on the progress I’ve made on two of those goals that do take more time, dedication and will have a lasting impact on my life. Some of the others, like deciding what to do with my old DVDs, might not be as urgent and can wait (for a bit).

September is just around the corner and September is also known as “the other January”. Why? Well, it marks the beignning of the school year and, because of that, many other classes and programs take advantage of the buzz and start as well: workshops, special courses, art classes, literary clubs… some gyms even have special Back to School sales. (Planners even usually have either a Januray or August/September start).

Septmber gives off an air similar to January’s, they both are marks for new beginnings.

If you’re a person who doesn’t do resolutions because they’re just too cliché, September may be a better option for you to consider starting something new or setting new goals for yourself. And, if you’re a person who enjoys setting their resolutions in January, look at September as a little push and burst of motivation before the year ends. Don’t give up and don’t feel defeated, September is a great time to start anew.

Remember: Any progress is good progress.

How do you feel about September? Does it feel like a new beginning for you?

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