Second time around.

I’ve always been a fan of nostalgia, the feeling of reliving a moment, remembering a time in our lives. I love looking at photo albums, reminiscing on old pastimes, movies from my childhood, or listening to songs and albums that take me back to specific moment in my life…

I’ve never been a fan of sequels, though, of remakes. Or better yet, I’m cautious of watching remakes of movies that impacted me during my childhood because I’m afraid that any of the old sentiments and feelings will be replaced with new ones.

Recently, there’s been a surge of remakes of movies from my childhood and “reunions” of old TV series. Hollywood has this little formula where it takes a movie that impacted a certain generation and remakes it at the right time so that the original generation that viewed it may now take their kids and watch them enjoy them for the first time.

I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon, I have yet to see many of the movies (if not all) that have been remade from my childhood. On TV series, though, my feelings are different.

This year, we got “continuations” on two series I used to love as a teenager: Beverly Hills 90201 and The Hills.

My expectations for both these series were really low. I did not expect to like them, but that did not mean I didn’t want to watch them. My excitement to be able to enjoy a few more hours with these characters with whom I shared such an impactful period of my life, was way stronger than any doubts I could have about the shows’ quality.

I counted down the days for both shows premieres.

MTV gifted fans with a weekend marathon of the 6 original seasons of The Hills. From the moment I realized that was happening I was hooked! Obsessed! I couldn’t hide my excitement and set myself to record all 102 episodes and dedicated all my extra time to re-watch them. It took me several days, or rather weeks, to relieve all the “drama” and I enjoyed every minute of it as if it were the first time.

After many hours of dedication I was finally done and ready to begin watching The Hills: New Beginnings. Surprisingly, I was impressed. Yes, the cast was now older, the botox more apparent and there were a few people added to give the show a little bit more of an edge, but I believe MTV did it well. They managed to speak to the original audience who is now older, less interested in the same college “drama”, and more interested in these people’s struggles: where they’ve been and how they’ve grown. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s still just reality, not at all educational and should be watched purely for entertainment purposes.)

The finale was this week and I ended it feeling pumped and extremely happy. I hope there’s more to come. MTV did well and I’m extremely appreciative they did this.

I debated a bit on whether or not to write this post, whether it had any value at all, if it would connect with people who aren’t fans of the show. But, then I realized, this post isn’t really about the show it’s more about the unexpected surprise. The happiness you find in doing something you want to. In going against the feeling of self-doubt because it might not be something that adds any real value to your life or judging it before you’ve tried it.

I think we sometimes take ourselves too seriously; we don’t let ourselves do things simply because we enjoy them. We doubt ourselves because of what others might think, or because it’s a pastime that might be considered a waste of time or not age appropriate.

I enjoyed re-watching a show from my teenage years so much, I don’t regret it at all. And so I ask you, are you stopping yourself from doing something you enjoy? Are the reasons you’re holding back legitimate? Have you considered that doing that thing because you like it is reason enough? Are you just seeking other’s approval?

Go! Enjoy it! Don’t hold back.

P.S. I would like to make an honorable mention to my husband for putting up with me hogging the TV for weeks while I re-watched 60 hours of an old show. He could not believe there were so many episodes. I love you! You’re awesome!

P.S.2 I still haven’t finished BH 90210 (the sequel to Beverly Hills 90210) and, I conffess, I’m having a harder time getting through it. But, I’m still thankful I’m able to watch it, to have a few more hours with characters I grew to love so much.

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